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Snow is on the way!

It snows, you have your business or commercial property’s snowplowed … no problem, right? But not all Snow and Ice Management Professionals operate the same way, even if they drive the same trucks and use the same plows.

At East Conn Landscape we think beyond just pushing the snow off to the side and melting the ice for our clients. We know your business must remain open, your parking lot must have a maximum number of available parking spaces, remain safe at all times, and that while we are brought in to clear your snow and ice, we have to think holistically about how what we do directly impacts our clients’ business.

With this in mind, we’d like to share a few factors we take in to consideration for our clients, both in the immediate moment and in the long term.

1) The Times of Client’s Snow and Ice Management East Conn Landscape ensure the timing of our Snow and Ice Management matches the needs of our clients. If you’re a bank, or shopping plaza, your customers come and go during the day. If you’re a commercial bakery, your trucks come and go all night. Every client is different, and East Conn Landscape factors all this in when scheduling the pre-treatment of roadways with impending weather, and the clearing of snow when storms arrive. Further ensuring East Conn Landscape clients know when we will be arriving, and when we have completed our visit to your property, a proprietary software suite notifies our clients. Clients can receive messages by email or text, whatever is easiest for them.

2) Snow Mounds Can Impede Vital Structures and Block Signs. Where plowed snow is placed tends to not be something many people think about. Typically a plow driver will find a clear large space and seek to move the snow there, opening up a roadway, however this typical mindset creates other significant problems for clients, as once snow is piled up, it is very challenging to relocate. The Snow & Ice Management Professionals of East Conn Landscape work diligently that as we clear roadways for our clients we do not bury fire hydrants, nor block emergency exits and drains. Furthermore, our plow drivers are trained to pay attention to ensure handicap parking spaces are fully clear of snow whenever possible, and watch for critical signs, such as one-way and stop signs, so they always remain visible. Yes, time is money, and we must work quickly so our clients have their parking lot available to their customers, but our crews are trained to work within the total scope of our clients needs, not just a quick pass through the lot shoving snow wherever.

3) Where The Snow Gets Pushed To Not Be A Hazard In addition to being mindful of snow mounds impeding structures and signs, the Snow & Ice Management Professionals at East Conn Landscape are trained to be cautious of where snow is placed, as it is plowed from our client’s roadways. Snow will warm up; mounds will melt, and refreeze, and melt and refreeze, causing dangerous ice conditions in roadways. During each site visit East Conn Landscape makes on behalf of our clients we formulate a plan for where snow should be places to create the least impact to not only our clients, but their customers as well, for safe driving and walkway conditions on the properties we maintain.

4) Excess Ice Melt Can Damage Your Interior, Sidewalks & Plants Yes, some areas may need more Ice Melt than others, such as steps that are known to get encased in ice, but overall more ice melt material is not better. The reality is that a Snow & Ice Management Professional knows that sometimes less is more in managing their clients’ winter weather needs. When excess ice melt material is laid down that ice melt is tracked into your business, or commercial property, and begins to damage your flooring, staining carpet and rotting wood flooring. Along with damaging your flooring, excessive ice melt, when over spread kills plants and salt may be damaging to concrete. The Snow & Ice Management Professionals of East Conn Landscape are trained in ice melt distribution, as well as watching for areas in which ice melt may have long term damaging effects, to avoid those areas or lightly spread ice melt. Our job is to meet our clients’ needs effectively, and when required, tread lightly.

If you work with East Conn Landscape, or some other company, for your winter weather needs, in Connecticut. Rhode Island, or wherever, keep this in mind to ensure your property is properly protected during the winter, so it is perfect, just as you expect for the rest of the year.

East Conn Landscape

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